Sunday, 12 August 2012

The Post Olympic Pledge

It has been glorious. The London 2012 Games have been uplift, wonderful and fulfilling. There is a positive spirit in London and around the country that hasn't been seen for a while. Speaking with family and friends, I can't see why this cannot be maintained - at the very least we can try.

With that in mind, then, I offer you my Post Olympic Pledge:
  1. I will take pride in our country and I will work to be sure I can be proud of my own achievements
  2. I will take pride in those sportsmen, volunteers, musician etc who take pride in their own achievements and who are selfless in their praise and recognition of others
  3. I will recognise true achievement - winning really isn't everything
  4. I will honour those who are dignified in victory and in defeat
  5. I will engage with my neighbours and I will be interested in their stories
  6. I will encourage our media to use those who have worked to achieve as our heroes and celebrities
  7. I will look positively on the endeavours of passionate people
Because I am British, I do not expect to be able to achieve those things every day. I think, however, I might just be a slightly better person if I try.

I am now looking forward to the Paralympic Games to watch more committed, hard working, dedicated, focussed and dignified athletes. I just hope that our footballers have been watching closely and taking notes...

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