Friday, 17 August 2012


Beginnings are great times.

I had a meeting yesterday in which I introduced an old friend to a new acquaintance and managed to bring in some other new great contacts.

The subject was email encryption. I do a little bit of consulting about technology - but mostly in the area of user interface or in helping a firm to build a specification for the system they want. This does mean that I meet a few IT people and see some good software. Email encryption is the last great 'necessary' that has to be addressed. Almost no-one uses it because it is a real pain. Law firms have a regulatory duty to secure information they send - but they can get away with 'best endeavours' because dual key encryption is so confusing. The system offered by mKryptor uses no add-ins and no shared keys - and yet manages to offer instant, secure, communications to and from anyone. Superb.

A new colleague/acquaintance/friend had mentioned email encryption and I in turn mentioned the good people at mKryptor (see here). I set up a meeting for Simon and Beatrice to meet my new friend and was happy that the wonderful Paul Rodger from Bull Rodger (more details here) had come along. I've known Paul for a few years and he is a wonderful design/brand/marketing/communications guru (and I hasten to add that I haven't yet got round to getting him to re-design my own branding. Isn't that the way with old friends! So all the design mess you see here and on my website is my fault, not his). He is one of those people who can listen to you describe something and then offer a totally unique insight - and then find a way of describing your own USP in a brand and design. It's a special skill.

It was wonderful to see someone else 'get' mKryptor. That moment in which they suddenly understand the difference and what all the fuss is about. The moment in which they realise that this is all really rather special.

I hasten to add that I have no formal connection to either company - I just happen to think that email encryption is necessary and that mKryptor is, by far, the best way of doing it. I also think that Bull Rodger (who did all of mKryptor's design and branding - so have a look and be impressed) are the best at what they do.

This is the way of business amongst independent organisations - a loose network of expertise. Have a look  - I'm sure you will be impressed too.

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