Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Reading the Small Print...

...because sometimes it's to your advantage.

I been deep in website and email analytics over the last couple of days. I struggle to find them all that interesting, but it can be useful. I'm putting on a free Pensions Seminar over breakfast on the 22nd October (more details here), and I was using the analytics to see who read the email that I sent out, who followed a link in the email and who subsequently had a look at other pages on my site.

All very interesting. What has been much more interesting has been when I have been speaking with clients and contacts to whom I sent the email. A number said that they hadn't seen it - although my system said that they had opened it. A number said that they thought they would have to pay something - thereby missing the subject line of the email which started with the word 'Free'.

I spoke with two clients who, once I had told them about the Seminar, said that it was very interesting and could they come. Both had opened the email but then not followed the link and both admitted to deleting it as a matter of course.

We can all be a little brutal with email sometimes, but I made sure that the email came from my own business email address and so (hopefully) a trusted source for most. It is worth, sometimes, reading the content of an email because it might be something you are interested in - and it might be free after all!

For the record  - the seminar on the 22nd is about Pensions. Personal pension planning specifically aimed at self-employed barristers and partners in law firms. There will also be some mention of Workplace Pensions which are coming to everyone soon - chambers and small firms included. The plan is to give you the information you need to talk with your chambers or your firm to make sure that they are doing some sort of planning. If you would like to attend, please let me know. There are a few places still available,

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