Thursday, 9 August 2012

Hard work and dedication

As I said in my last post, I'm a big fan of the Games. I am enjoying the way that Londoners have become caught up in the event and have embraced the friendliest and most social aspects of the Olympics. London is a more pleasant place at the moment.

I particularly enjoy the fact that the faces appearing in the newspapers and on the TV at the moment are sportspeople not celebrities.

Our current stars are people who have toiled and sweated day after day when no-one has been watching them. They have woken up early so that they could run or swim or ride or... whatever it took to be great at their chosen sport.

Watching them has been a privilege. Their grace and strength and control have been inspiring. Most wonderfully, they have been fulsome during interviews in their thanks to their team, their coach, their family. When was the last time we watched a footballer behave with dignity after defeat or grace after victory (or ever, really).

These are true heroes who deserve our adoration. Congratulations to those winning gold medal - but I have been equally inspired by those who took part and who performed to, and often beyond, the limits of their capabilities. Congratulations to the likes of Chris Adcock and Imogen Bankier, to Tonia Couch, to the water polo team... to pick just a very few.

Just making it to the Olympics is a feat of almost epic proportions. All that work, all those sacrifices - all focused on one event.

Well done to everyone - not forgetting (as the athletes themselves never forget) the coaching staff, trainers, physios, doctors, family and friends.

Perhaps if we all acted in our business life as they have been seen to act over the last two weeks, the world of business would be a better and more successful place.

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