Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Focus on one Task

I have spent the last two and a half years working as a consultant, specialising in working with law firms and sets of chambers, both in the UK and in Europe. In January 2012, I will be taking up a new challenge as Chambers Director at 2 Hare Court, a set of chambers which has long been recognised both nationally and internationally as one of the UK’s leading sets of chambers specialising in criminal law, fraud, professional discipline, regulatory work and other related fields

I have missed the confusion of general management within an organisation, I missed having to think strategically and operationally at the same time, and I have missed working with people - people for whom I am responsible. I have particularly missed working with barristers - they are wonderfully intelligent people who make sure that I am at the top of my game (and not difficult at all - no, no...).

So the time has come - at least for some time - to stop shouting from the sidelines and get back into the game.

With wonderful synchronicity, 2 Hare Court, have been looking for a new Chambers Director. After a number of meetings, we have decided that we suit each other and so, from January 2012, I will be taking up the challenge of working with a set of barristers at a difficult time.

I am looking forward to it greatly. I will have a steep learning curve as I get to know the members of chambers, the support staff, and our clients - as well as getting up to speed with the details of the industry.

I hope to keep up with social media - both on my business blog here and from a barrister-related blog at "Business at the Bar". I will also be Tweeting, of course.

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