Thursday, 7 October 2010

The Ethical Stance

Isn't it good to be able to report that lawyers are taking an ethical position and fighting, in the courts and pro bono (mostly) for something that they believe in?

The case of Paul Chambers has been reported in many parts of the media. It is a shocking case of over-reaction, incompetence from the CPS, rushed advice to a client and an apparently heavy-handed judge. For those of you unaware of Paul, her was the "Twitter joker' - the case is outlined by the Guardian here. Mr. Chambers was undoubtedly silly - but I suspect that many of us have felt the same way he did, even if we have restrained ourselves from voicing our frustration so publicly.

What I find heartening is the number of lawyers who feel so strongly about this nonsense that they will work, generally for free, to secure Paul's release. "The Lawyer" details the list of those engaged in the project here. I think they should all be congratulated publicly. This is a tremendous demonstration that lawyer are not (all)  money-grabbing, self-centred leaches and that they understand when a law or the application of a law is just plain wrong - and are then willing to do something about it.

Thank you: David Green, Stephen Ferguson, Andrew Sharpe, Tom Cassels, Ted Mercer, Robert Dougans and Joanne Casg - and all the others.

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