Monday, 30 November 2009

Good News

I have been accused of writing only down-beat stories here and, reading through past posts, I am inclined to agree with my wife that I have been concentrating on things going wrong or done badly (although, in my defence, I do believe that I offer solutions, rather than simply pointing out problems).

So - some good news. Well "Legal Week" is carrying a story about Georgina Blackwell, the beautician who successfully defended her mother in court.  Sky news (from whom I borrowed the photograph) have the full story of her case here.

The "Legal Week" story is about BPP offering Georgina a scholarship to do her LLB on their new programme. I think this is a wonderful story - not withstanding the fairly naked PR plant of it in the legal press (after all, the PR staff at BPP have to earn a living too). It is wonderful because someone is being given an opportunity to do something that they possibly thought out of their reach. It is wonderful because some personal good has come out of a selfless act. It is wonderful because justice was seen to be done in the person of this young lady. Finally it is wonderful because she is exactly the sort of person who should be a barrister - committed, concerned, brave, and hard working.

Congratulations Georgina.

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