Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Confidence, Trust and the Way Forward

I've just come from a morning lecture by Lord Digby Jones. He spoke very well (of course) and shared his enthusiasm for Britain as a trading nation.

Amongst his other points, two in particular are sticking with me. He spoke about confidence and in the British (or I would say more English) reserve which stops us celebrating success. In these turbulent times, success is more important than ever - as is the knowledge of that success. To paraphrase Lord Jones - if you've had a success then shout about it. Tell everyone. He spoke about ringing the BBC to suggest that they go to see three businesses which were doing well in this recession. Sadly the BBC were "too busy". Good news rarely sells.

My other immediate take away was on the subject of trust. In response to a question on the subject, he told us that Britain still had a high reputation of trust and integrity - notwithstanding the current debacle concerning our MPs. Trust is everything. Do what you say you will and do nothing which you fear being published. Sounds simple doesn't it.

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