Sunday, 26 April 2009

Funky software

I'm putting a presentation together at the moment and using Keynote for the first time. Keynote is Apple's software that competes with Powerpoint and, my goodness, it's clever stuff. Never mind transitions, it allows for movement of text and boxes within each slide so make some funky graphic work quite simple. 

Ok, so I'm a great Apple fan, but this is another situation where their software is just better. They don't make every bit of software that is better than the competition - Excel, for example, has no real competitors, there is just nothing in its league.

As I have been known to say to some other people, never mind the clever stuff with the software - presentations are all about the content, and so I will return to my content now.


  1. ...and so you have my sympathy! I will see what information I can find about similar products for PCs.