Sunday, 12 April 2009

Accidental Life Planning

I read with interest a post on James' blog (An Inside Take from the Outside) about the accidental entrepreneur. That started me thinking about the some of the life choices I've made - and I decided that there was a great deal more chance involved that I often admit.

Twenty plus years ago, I decided that I would get a new job having just sold a family hotel (it's a long story...)  - and promptly got the first job I applied for in an organisation I'd never heard of in London. I thought nothing about it thinking that this was how you went about job hunting (and what was everyone else moaning about?). Of course I soon discovered how difficult job hunting could be. Chance at work.

When I recently leapt into self-employment, everything seemed to come together at the same time. From nowhere, a past client got in touch and asked if I could do some work for them. Chance at work again.

My plan was to consult in general to smaller business - but to focus on Strategic Risk Management. While I am doing some of that, I'm also doing some Organisational Redesign and some Executive Coaching. Interesting work, but I don't think I would have told you I would have been doing that if you'd asked me two months ago. Chance again.

"Go with the flow" would appear to be the message!

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