Friday, 13 March 2009

Times of Change

Beginnings are such delicate times - as, of course, are endings.

As jobs, or career stages, end, there is often a great focus on very operational things - especially money (see the UK Government's advice on redundancy). In the end, however, it isn't these "hard" aspects of personal change that are so difficult. It is the softer things - those more difficult to define.

I have been speaking with some very wise people (you know who you are) over the last week or so as I prepare my own fundamental change from employment (where I have been since I was about 19) to self-employment. Almost exclusively they have had positive things to say. Now that may simply be because they are all good people and so might be saying anything to make me feel better - and there may well be a part of that - but I believe them when they say that it will be a good move.

More importantly, more than one of my advisers/mentors (and, by the way, everyone should have at least one mentor) has suggested that, after a short holiday, I should sit down and examine my life, my goals, my aspirations - and decide what it is I actually want. With that in place it will be possible to design a structure to give the (now famous) work-life balance that I 'm looking for. All rather blindingly obvious - but I still needed both to be told it by someone else and then to ponder at length until it became my own. A good metaphor, perhaps, for a life in consulting.

So change is good. Expect it to be difficult (because there will be difficulties) but remember why we all made the decisions we made. Focus on the strategy and your goals and life will be great.

I'm looking forward to it.

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  1. Change is good - there should be T-shirts