Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Positive Economic News

Carrying on from my post earlier today, I googled (or should that be "Googled" with a capital, I'm not sure) "Positive Ecomonic News".

The first thing to notice was that there were 279,000 results. Well that has to be good, surely? I then started to follow some of the links. The first result to catch my eye was Hexus Channel which had the wonderful idea of a slow-down in "crappy economic news", which I liked. The article discussed three indicators - the DRAM eXchange, the Halifax house-price index, and the Baltic Dry index. I'm enough of an economic nerd to have been aware of the first two, but must admit to having missed the Baltic Dry. The general tenor of the article was that there were three indicators suggesting that, at the very least, the slow-down had itself slowed - and that it might be possible that things are improving.

The FT reported good news - that UK inflation had dropped to 3%. OK, it had only dropped from 3.1.%, but it was nevertheless down. That's a good thing too - although I will admit it may be more of an indicator that the supply of money is still too tight.

There is good news out there. Try it yourself - and keep thinking positively.

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